Sensible Drug Policy

should focus on education, drug addiction, drug treatment and legalization instead of petty drug dealers

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Sensible Drug Policy News Roundup

August 19, 2009 By: dan Category: war on drugs

Aspirin? Ecstasy? Either one will get you suspended from some schools.

Aspirin? Ecstasy? Either one will get you suspended from some schools.

Mexican drug smugglers caused the latest fire in California. End the war on drugs and we’d have 87,000 acres of California forest back, amongst other things. What would you rather have? More forests or less marijuana? Apparently we have to pick.

It’s an oldie but a goodie. Cocaine is now found on 90% of US bills. That it’s in our water supplies too should come to no surprise. Unfortunately, the drug gestapo will use these tidbits to rally their ranks. Wouldn’t it be better to consider this a white flag of sorts? How the hell do you wage a war on drugs when victory entails regularly burning most of your paper money supply?

Two national newspapers recently spoke out against the war on drugs. One, suggesting a “pause” button for the war on drugs, the other going so far as to suggest legalizing drugs. Either is an improvement upon the status quo. For what it’s worth, neither news outlet is considered (particularly) “liberal media” by the drug war mongers.

And our pals at CNN report on why people smuggle drugs. A high school student pulled in $50k running pot from Mexico. End the war on drugs to create legit tax paying drug jobs in the US.

The battle lines of the war on drugs reached professional sports some years ago. Big surprise. Offer somebody a few million to be really good at something. Create some drugs to help performance… and naturally people will use drugs. This whole drugs and sports thing is one of the most complicated aspects of a sensible drug policy. (Maybe more on that another time.) Homerun king Hank Aaron wants MLB to release the list of roid-using ballers. He also wants Pete Rose to be reinstated. We’re okay with both sentiments. Is that weird?

And we’ll end on a bright note. Earlier this year Salon wrote about Portugal’s success decriminalizing drugs. That it works is no surprise to people who’ve researched what happens anywhere drugs are legalized. Crime drops. Tax revenue increases. Health improves. Prison costs drop. Etc.

Educate your self about a sensible drug policy. Do what you can to help end the war on drugs.