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should focus on education, drug addiction, drug treatment and legalization instead of petty drug dealers

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Sensible Drug Policy Could Have Saved his Life

February 25, 2010 By: dan Category: Uncategorized

An Ohio man killed himself because of our terrible drug laws.
Read a blurb on it and then consider contacting your elected representatives and senators to tell them what you think of our current drug laws. That a man took his own life, largely due to repercussions of growing a plant, is a travesty.

Sensible Drug Policy News Roundup

August 19, 2009 By: dan Category: war on drugs

Aspirin? Ecstasy? Either one will get you suspended from some schools.

Aspirin? Ecstasy? Either one will get you suspended from some schools.

Mexican drug smugglers caused the latest fire in California. End the war on drugs and we’d have 87,000 acres of California forest back, amongst other things. What would you rather have? More forests or less marijuana? Apparently we have to pick.

It’s an oldie but a goodie. Cocaine is now found on 90% of US bills. That it’s in our water supplies too should come to no surprise. Unfortunately, the drug gestapo will use these tidbits to rally their ranks. Wouldn’t it be better to consider this a white flag of sorts? How the hell do you wage a war on drugs when victory entails regularly burning most of your paper money supply?

Two national newspapers recently spoke out against the war on drugs. One, suggesting a “pause” button for the war on drugs, the other going so far as to suggest legalizing drugs. Either is an improvement upon the status quo. For what it’s worth, neither news outlet is considered (particularly) “liberal media” by the drug war mongers.

And our pals at CNN report on why people smuggle drugs. A high school student pulled in $50k running pot from Mexico. End the war on drugs to create legit tax paying drug jobs in the US.

The battle lines of the war on drugs reached professional sports some years ago. Big surprise. Offer somebody a few million to be really good at something. Create some drugs to help performance… and naturally people will use drugs. This whole drugs and sports thing is one of the most complicated aspects of a sensible drug policy. (Maybe more on that another time.) Homerun king Hank Aaron wants MLB to release the list of roid-using ballers. He also wants Pete Rose to be reinstated. We’re okay with both sentiments. Is that weird?

And we’ll end on a bright note. Earlier this year Salon wrote about Portugal’s success decriminalizing drugs. That it works is no surprise to people who’ve researched what happens anywhere drugs are legalized. Crime drops. Tax revenue increases. Health improves. Prison costs drop. Etc.

Educate your self about a sensible drug policy. Do what you can to help end the war on drugs.

Mexican Drug Wars

April 27, 2009 By: dan Category: war on drugs

Security efforts have failed. Mexican drug wars rage on.

Security efforts fail. Mexican drug wars rage on.

A family of 4, including two young toddlers, are brutally murdered on a US highway because of Mexican drug wars. A Mexican folk singer releases violent videos on the Internet, only to be murdered in cold blood during a concert a few months later, also because of Mexican drug wars. Bodies of Mexican immigrants are found with their throats cut, bodies bearing signs of torture from electric shock.

The Mexican drug cartels’ bloody war has left a body count of more than 6,000 in its wake.

That’s more than either death toll in the Iraq or Afghanistan Wars.

The Drug War trudges on, leaving bodies in its path. It’s not a war for our children’s souls anymore; it’s a brutal and literal life and death struggle that is spilling over the Mexican border and into the suburbia of the United States.

It’s a bloody war fueled by the demand for illegal drugs surging in the United States, according to Roderic Ai Camp, a Mexico expert at Claremont McKenna College in Claremont, Calif.

Such blood and violence recently prompted Mexican Ambassador Arturo Sarukhan to ask the United States to again consider the legalization of marijuana. He recently told CBS News, “Those that suggest that some of these measures need to be looked at understand the dynamics of the drug trade; you have to bring demand down and one way to do it is to move in that direction [towards legalization}…”

The violence has prompted the Obama Administration to look at tightening boarder security, including the underground weapons industry funneled into Mexico from the United States that continues to fuel the war.

Yet until we completely cut off the demand for illegal drugs, there will always be a market for these drug war lords to wage their bloody business. Guns may be the instruments, but it’s the drugs that fuel violence through their worth on the black market. Put non-dangerous drugs like marijuana on the pharmaceutical counter, and you’ll be taking a big bite of the drug cartels’ market for drugs and violence.

When will we treat drug violence by cutting off the demand? Our war on drugs is misguided at best. When we wise up and make drugs a legal, government taxed industry, we take away the market for the very black market that is killing our children and others unfortunate enough to be in the path of the drug war. No more collateral damage. Talk to your representatives today. Tell them you want a MUCH more sensible drug policy in the US.

10 Most Successful Functional Potheads

April 19, 2009 By: dan Category: drugs and culture

He's a pothead, and he's proud!

He's a pothead, and he's proud!

Michael Phelps proved the world wrong and debunked the great marijuana myths. You can toke the occasional marijuana, manage to win a few gold medals, and still get your face on a Wheaties box. Just don’t let anyone take your picture, or they’ll try to pull not only the Wheaties, but your entire career, right out from under your feet.

People have experimented with drugs throughout our history, especially recent history. Some of our greatest musical endeavors have been directly inspired through drug use, from Louis Armstrong and Miles Davis to the Grateful Dead. Yet there are so many other untold contributions that those who chose to experiment have contributed to our culture. You can’t honestly think that the makers of the Muppets never baked a batch of pot brownies. Plus, there are plenty of Americans who not only used marijuana, but grew up to be extremely successful, from Olympic gold medal winners to the President of the United States.

Now Coed magazine has published a list of the 10 most successful potheads on the planet who are cool enough to admit it. The list comprises not only Barack Obama and Michael Phelps, but also New York City’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg, best selling writer Stephen King and talk show host Montel Williams.

It’s about time that we stop stereotyping anyone who experiments with marijuana as a dim-witted loser. Plenty have smoked marijuana and gone on to be successful, and we’re not just talking about the Grateful Dead. Politicians, artists, bankers, and TV producers have had their day with pot, and they’ve been successful enough to be able to still talk about it openly and honestly today.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that marijuana isn’t a stumbling block in some people’s lives, nor does it mean that a 14 year old should be given a bong for Christmas. Let’s just be honest about how prevalent marijuana is in our culture and the fact that many people who smoke it still manage to lead successful lives.

Don’t pigeonhole personal experimentation into convenient, out-dated stereotypes. Let’s start having an honest conversation about marijuana, one that admits the difference between use and abuse.

Sensible Drug Addiction Treatment That Takes a Natural Approach

April 08, 2009 By: Sensible Drug Policy Category: rehab

Addiction - There's more than one way to put a cork in it.

Addiction - There's more than one way to put a cork in it.

Holistic rehab centers continue to achieve high success rates, helping former addicts stay clean and sober after addiction treatment has been completed. As a result, natural drug addiction treatment centers are growing in popularity and fast becoming the preferred alternative to more traditional 12-step programs.

Holistic addiction treatment covers a broader range of issues than older methods of drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Sensible drug rehab treats more than just the physical addiction – it uses comprehensive, progressive techniques to treat the whole human being, and tackle the emotional, mental, and psychological components of substance abuse.

This type of treatment does not treat drug addiction with more drugs, instead approaching the process of healing and detoxification from a natural perspective. Holistic addiction treatment varies, ranging from meditation and massage to equine therapy and herbal remedies. Many programs offer counseling with an emphasis on spirituality for patients who may benefit from a more well-rounded recovery process.

The best natural treatment centers integrate multiple techniques into their programs. This gives addicts the chance to reach a full recovery, and decreases the possibility of a relapse occurring.

Holistic treatment centers also provide patients with one-on-one counseling with experienced professionals, allowing them to delve into the emotions that lead to addictive behaviors. Therapy sessions that cater to the individual tend to reap more positive results than cookie-cutter counseling that doesn’t adapt to the needs of each person.

There are many drug treatment centers in California that offer holistic drug addiction treatment to those struggling with a substance abuse problem. However, it can be difficult to make sense of all the choices without outside help. provides a convenient referral service to those in need.

The website is the best place to find a drug rehab facility in California that offers natural drug addiction treatment. Of course, the service also helps addicts and their families locate drug rehab facilities in other locations across the country.

Have an Honest Conversation about Drugs with Your Kids

April 07, 2009 By: dan Category: Kids and drugs

A sensible drug policy starts at home. When we lie to our children about drugs, we give them a reason never to trust us again.

Remember this disturbing drug commercial in between episodes of “Different Strokes?” You’d have thought smoking marijuana would put you in a holy stupor of a coma, which is in fact what the commercial turned out to be.

Anti-drug commercials lie.

Anti-drug commercials lie.

The scan in this commercial was actually found to be the brain scan of a person in a deep sleep or coma.

If we lie to our kids and exaggerate the dangers of drugs, they’ll learn never to take us for our word. If we lie to them about pot, they’ll assume any similar lecture on heroin, crack or PCP is exactly the same.

Drug research shows that D.A.R.E. drug education programs don’t work. Children enrolled in D.A.R.E. programs are even more likely to use drugs than those never exposed to the program. D.A.R.E.’s tendency to exaggerate facts and slant half-truths does more harm than good at educating our children about drug effects and drug abuse.

Talk to your children about drugs, openly and honestly. They will double-check your facts against their own experiences. If we are truly going to educate them about the pitfalls and challenges that can be brought about by drugs, it needs to be an honest discussion. Exaggeration and misinformation only destroys their trust in what you have to say.

Be detailed about the different effects of specific drugs, their potential for addiction, and any potential for overdose. Talk to them about your own experiences; share what you have learned. Admit that no one has died from an overdose of marijuana, and that it is not physically addictive. Let them understand that not everyone who experiments with drugs become full-time addicts. Be realistic that exposure to drugs does not necessarily ruin your life.

If we can provide our children with an open and honest conversation about drugs, we give them the tools to live in a culture that indulges in chemicals, whether the drugs are illicit, illegal, or simply dieting pills.

Sensible Drug Policy Launch

April 06, 2009 By: Sensible Drug Policy Category: Uncategorized


Just ignore this image. It has nothing to do with sensible drug policy!

Welcome to a new site dedicated to reforming United States drug laws and otherwise educating about alternatives to the multi-billion dollar war on drugs. I don’t remember where I read it, but the best little vignette I’ve discovered yet goes something like this. Prohibition never works. Think about the first prohibition. No, not the eighteenth amendment, go back further. Much further. Citizens in the fabled garden of Eden were prohibited from ingesting the fruit of a single tree. There were only two of them and one big, bad, omnipotent cop. How’d that work out?